Happy New Year!

I decided that I’m not very good with building houses. I usually download from the gallery or add-on to whatever house my Sims have moved into. This latest house remodeling made my kids laugh so I thought I’d share it. I did put it in the gallery: VampCatz (my id).

12-23-15_7-39-11 PM

I literally just stuck two rooms on top. I did use cheats to unlock career promotions and objects from “Get to Work” pack.

12-23-15_7-39-44 PM

Second floor with walls down. My kids thought the grassy area was funny. I kind of like the grass up there. The bush poses a slight problem – my Sims wish to “fertilize” the poor thing.

12-23-15_7-40-21 PM

Workout area with a random easel. Guitar may or may not be included. I can’t remember. I’m thinking he just pulled it out of his back pocket and started playing.

12-23-15_7-40-37 PM

Secret study area – behind bookcase. Not really a secret since everyone who visits immediately goes in there. Even if they have never been to the house before.

12-23-15_7-41-29 PM

Last shot. Bathroom – had to have the shower. That’s how I house build. I suppose I really remodel more than build.  I just noticed that coffee cup on the floor. Who put that there? They couldn’t make it to the sink or the dishwasher?  They just put it in on the floor and left. I have a feeling it’s the Sim who is working out. Coffee usually makes them energized.  I’m still playing Sims 4 and sometimes Sims 3. I’m leaning towards liking Sims 4 since the Get Together pack came out. Happy New Year (again)!







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