Dinner Party Mishaps

12-24-15_8-55-17 PM

Seriously, guys? There are three empty chairs behind you plus two empty chairs beside the couch. I guess they really want to get to know each other.

12-24-15_9-07-23 PM

Argh!! My caterer is walking around with a towel on. Why?!

12-24-15_9-10-40 PM

Candy Behr, how did you manage to stick your plate halfway through the activity table?

Good news, everyone. I had a MRI with/without contrast done this month. The results – no cancer found in either breast. Yay! I don’t have a date for my surgery, yet. But, I’m sure it’ll be near the end of January which is good because I can recover more from the chemo. Yet, I’m so ready to get this over with. I don’t have a surgery date yet because the plastic surgeon is on Christmas vacation. Some more good news – my hair is slowly growing back.

Merry Christmas everyone!!


2 thoughts on “Dinner Party Mishaps

  1. That exact thing happened in my game this week with a plate stuck in the activity table. Fortunately, one of my sims has the power of Camelot and was able to pull it from the solid wood and wash it. I’ve also had trouble with sims walking to community lots in towels. Hmm.


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