Sims 4 Guide on Yoga for Couples

11-11-15_9-33-38 PM
Pose One: Embracing Your SoulMate
11-11-15_9-33-55 PM
Pose Two: Swan and Reverse Swan
11-11-15_9-34-15 PM
Pose Three: Supportive Tree

These are of course glitches. I think they were trying to be flirty in the bathroom. Looks kind of painful to me but they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Update on my chemo: one more treatment to go then surgery. Yay! I’m so glad it’s almost over. I’m very tired of not feeling like myself. I have a hard time playing any video games right now; tired and/or chemo brain. Plus, my fingertips are numb (hopefully that’ll go away and not be permanent).

I got the expansion pack with the ice cream maker for Sims 4. At first, they weren’t autonomously making ice cream but now they seem to be but the problem is they can’t eat the stuff. For some reason, they stick it in their inventory. I have to keep taking it out of their pocket and put it somewhere where they can get to it.


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