Alien Abductions, weird Ghost Sims and massage

11-08-15_9-24-43 PM

“hey  Odin I support you in your life decisions” Fist Pump!! His ghost dad did this every time they kissed. Weird. He would literally drop  everything and clap or fistpump. Very supported in gay marriage I suppose. He did this several times when these two were together. He would also stop want he was doing and find them.

11-08-15_3-35-06 PMReally, This is three abductions so far. Fist, was my female alien Sim got abducted. She came back thrilled and focused. Then her ghost husband took the ride up to the ufo. He also was thrilled that he met aliens..Now their half alien son is being  abducted. (I missed the photo op ).

11-08-15_5-54-51 PM

Not happy at all. He got poked and prodded. No one got pregnant on these expeditions.Kinda sad. Oh well, his mother is level 9 in the scientist career and hoping to visit Sixam one day.

07-31-15_5-21 PM

Nothing to do with the Sims from above. My mom does massage therapy and I asked her if this every happened to her. You know someone passing gas her face. She said yes but was able to keep a straight face because she uses some sort of  cream near her nose and tries not to breathe in through her nose. ‘This poor guy looks like he’s going to puke.



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