Sims 4 Gets Ice Cream

11-03-15_1-16-00 PM

Does he like ice cream or not? Can’t tell by his face. My daughter said “Maybe, he’s remembering the war.” She says the oddest things some times…She’s 11 and learning about WWII so I’m supposing she meant that war.

11-03-15_1-16-28 PM

Aargh! Brain Freeze!

11-03-15_1-17-36 PM

“NOOOO, I dropped my ice cream!” Yep, he did. There was a brown spot on the floor. Then old red head there dropped his. After that everyone would get ice cream and sit at the table. Apparently, Sims learn from others mistakes.


2 thoughts on “Sims 4 Gets Ice Cream

    1. It’s ok. There are some new items. The best thing is the ice cream maker. The Sims won’t autonomously make ice cream like they do in Sims 3 but they will eat it if there is some made. I like Sims 3 better but I like the CAS in Sims 4 a lot more. The one thing I don’t like about Sims 4 is the loading screen whenever they go anywhere. I wish it was more like Sims 3 you know you see the car or them walking to their destination. Oh well.

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