Jessica and Kenny’s Date

06-09-15_12-19 PM

Jessie had mood swings and liked to paint. She felt that painting helped her with her mood swings. Here she painted an abstract painting while feeling happy. She lived by herself and painted quite a lot. One day, she decided to check out the rest of the town.

07-16-15_5-22 PM

She put on her best outfit and strolled through town. She spied this young man confidently walking around dressed in camo shorts and nothing else. Feeling intrigued and flirty, she introduced herself by asking him out on a date. Surprisingly, he agreed. No one had ever said yes before.

07-16-15_2-36 PM-2

The date was going well until this man (Don, a known womanizer) showed up and started bugging her. Kenny quickly jumped in yelling and telling him to leave.

07-16-15_2-35 PM

Fight! Well, they fought. Kenny won. Note the leftover fight graphics. Jessie invited him over which of course he agreed. Jessie looks very pleased. Poor Don was left in a daze.
Jessie asked him to move in which of course he did. She moves pretty fast on a first date. Kenny celebrated his first date, first fight and the winning of his first fight with this lovely photo. ‘Cept it got photo bombed by a gnome. I have no gnomes in this house. Spooky!
For some reason, they decided to paint together. I had nothing to do with this painting business. This was spontaneous.  So was his attire, not really sure why he is in speedos. I wasn’t paying attention to him until he started painting with her.

07-16-15_10-02 PM-2

This is just a picture of some of their paintings. I don’t have anymore pics of them because my game glitched and I lost their file. They had gotten married and she was pregnant when it glitched. I changed to fence to a wall then changed to wall to a half-wall so I could display the paintings.

I haven’t played in a few days because my mouth was sore (mucositis) and it made me feel tired, sick, lethargic. Generally, bleah. My mouth is better now thanks to my doctor ordering Magic Mouthwash. I found these old pictures and decided to post them. My 11 year old made Jessica, Jessica is supposed to be a weeaboo. Weeaboo, is a person who has Japanophilia (an interest in, or love of, Japan and everything Japanese). I did make Kenny and threw him in a random house in town so I had no control over him until they moved in together.  I got on this redneck kick for awhile so that’s why he looks like that.



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