Bad Hair Days

08-14-15_12-25 PM-2

Some days when playing the Sims, everyone is normal, some days not so much. I noticed this lovely lady with the green pants walking around looking disgusted. I have no idea what she was looking at other than that wall. She wasn’t even walking angrily. Then I zoomed in…

08-14-15_12-25 PM

Oh. Yea, I’d be upset too if my hairdresser dyed my eyebrows to match my pants.

08-07-15_6-19 PM

I caught this woman smirking at this fellow. Zooming in, I discovered that he appears to have a rash on his face or he forgot to get his beard dyed black.

07-28-15_8-41 PM

I threw this picture in because well, no reason, just because. I got tired of looking at Johnny Zest’s eyebrows. For some reason, EA gave him different color eyebrows than the rest of his hair. So, I gave him a make-over which included changing all his hair and clothes. He’s still a flirty goofball. I like to move my Sims in his neighborhood. He always comes over, hangs out for a bit, leaves then immediately turns around and comes back to welcome your Sim to the neighborhood. So, weird. He’s the only one that does this. I beginning to suspect that he is lonely. He visits all the time and all it takes is one flirt to make him fall in love with your Sim. It doesn’t even matter what gender or age (young adult, adult or elder).

Useless fact: I discovered that Johnny likes to bake. A lot. He gets obsessed with baking. And hot tubs. He loves baking and hot tubs.


One thought on “Bad Hair Days

  1. Hmm. Did not know this about Johnny Zest. I think he’s long-dead in my legacy, and in my “Special” simself save (no aging) I deleted all the pre-mades. But good to know.

    That eyebrow/beard thing is strange. Zooming in can really highlight some interesting quirks, it seems!


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