Werewolf Bachelor Party


My werewolf Sim, the one in weirdly pink patterned shorts, wanted to throw a bachelor party. Now, on Sims 3, one is supposed to “dress to impress” which usually means a top hat at the very least. Apparently, “dressed to impress” means anything goes in the werewolf community. The party got off to a good start, everyone was happily chatting away about stars and housing. Later….


Blonde hair lady was very annoyed with the man standing in front of the bar. She kept waving her arms at him. She’s apparently hungry but she wanted to get a drink instead. I have installed the mod, ani_SimsDrink_v7. It makes the Sims “drunk”. Their actions are funny after having a drink. Sometimes, they strip, talk to themselves or generally act like real drunk people.


This poor lady got so drunk she peed herself and passed out in it. Meanwhile, everyone else acts like nothing happened. Yep, you know it’s a good party when people pass out, sleep in your bed, trash your house, and generally don’t leave until after you’ve let for work. Sounds like some of my old parties. Can’t tell from the picture but everything was dirty, puddles everywhere, dirty dishes, clothes lying around. Yea, clothes. See near the bathtub, that’s someone’s clothes. I have no idea why. My guy doesn’t even own a hot tub much less a pool. There are more clothes in the room behind the kitchen and in the bedroom.

One thing, I learned from Chemo…it dehydrates the crap out of you. I’m always having to “check my fluids” to see if I’m drinking enough. You know, I have to use the bathroom. Urine should not be dark, it should be light yellow or clear. It’s a good thing I like to drink water otherwise I’d probably be getting IV fluids. I usually end up getting up at 5am because of dehydration. Not because I’m thirsty but because I feel dehydrated. I am not a morning person but chemo is doing it’s best to make me one.


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