Anti-Social Much? Why, yes.

imageOk, I admit I’m a crappy Sim house builder but come on guys, there is a perfectly good couch you can sit on while eating. I mean, really! Not to mention that anti-social maneuver in the bedroom, at least eat in the same room as everyone else.

Yes, I’m a bit lacking in the social butterfly department but I do make an effort at times. I do read other people’s blogs, occasionally make a comment (then run away with anxiety haha). Seriously, I actually conversed with my chemo nurse. Very proud of that cause I suck at small talk.image

Bad parent of the year award goes to the parent’s of this poor chap. Imagine letting your toddler eat alone in their room. The nerve of those people! Naw, I couldn’t fit the high chair in the dining room and was in too much of a hurry to rebuild the room. Those Sim’s mission take up a lot of time so I just stuck the poor kid there. I’ll fix it later.


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