Amusing myself while at the hospital



Mary is diligently practicing her cat levitating trick. Oskar, the cat, wishes he could float higher so he could capture that elusive moth.


I wish I had the ability to pass through doors like this guy. I could get so much done!


My view at the moment. Lovely, isn’t it. Hmm….bad grammar. I’m getting my first dose of chemo today. So far, the red chemo made my urine look like cherry koolaid. And the other chemo drug has given me a metallic taste in my mouth. I know the names of the meds but I can’t spell them.  I suppose in a few weeks I’ll go back to the shaved look that I had in the late 80’s or 90’s. As for these pictures being small, I can’t figure out how to resize them on my iPad. If anyone knows, please leave me a comment. The smallness is bugging me.




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