Megadeth and Sims


Ok, I know this has nothing to do with Sims but I found this on the Metroplex Facebook page. Two big things; one I saw Megadeth! and 2 that’s me with the short blond hair next to the guy in the bleached jean jacket. I was so surprised to find myself in some picture that someone I didn’t know took. Anyway, Metroplex was in Atlanta, Ga and I saw many a great show there. This picture was probably taken in the 80’s or early 90’s.

08-02-15_10-34 PM

Johnny is receiving a rather painful Swedish Massage. After his massage, he had a very relaxed moodlet. However, watching him receive this massage made me wince. Remind me to never get a Swedish Massage.

07-31-15_8-03 PM

This man’s camping attire is awesome! He is quite pleased with himself. The woman next to him is not so sure about him or his clothing choice. As you can see, she has chosen a sensible camping outfit for her vacation.


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