Spa Day

I broke down today and bought the Spa Expansion pack for the Sims 4. Took me a minute to figure out that I had to place the spa on a lot before my Sims could visit. I sent my very pregnant Sim there. She’s in the 3rd trimester and luckily didn’t go into labor while there. I found out that pregnant Sims can not have a massage or get in the sauna. They can get a foot/hand massage, mud bath or soak and can drink the fizzy drinks. Not sure if she can do yoga, the class was already in session when she showed up.


07-28-15_1-36 PM I like how they automatically change into a robe when they arrive.


07-28-15_1-40 PMHand massage time! Ok, I know, she’s not wearing tasteful maternity clothes. One of her traits is insane so I left her like that plus I think her husband likes the outfit. He won’t leave her alone unless I make him do something else.


07-28-15_1-38 PM Nothing beats drinking a Spa drink and talking to oneself. She had great moodlets when she left, one from foot massage, hand massage, having a nice soak and sipping a fizzy beverage.

07-28-15_6-57 PM

Not the best family portrait but she went into labor, he’s flirty and has to pee and the other two, not sure what they are doing or about to do. If you play Sims 4, you probably guessed that’s Johnny Zest. He apparently likes to have kids. He keeps rolling wishes for them. I’m stopping at three.









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