I Love Sims Facial Expressions!

06-15-15_10-50 PM

I love the look on his face. Surprised and worried all at the same time.

05-23-15_3-02 PM

Yea, well, you were the one who wanted to eat a bug. His LTW is Outdoor Enthusiast. He doesn’t look that thrilled with this particular challenge.

06-15-15_11-15 PM

What exactly is she looking at? Judging by her expression, it must be horrific.


4 thoughts on “I Love Sims Facial Expressions!

  1. Your blog is awesome!
    I’ve never played Sims, but looking through these photos definitely makes me want to. It looks like a lot of fun!
    Do they have like a “mind” of their own, if I can call it that, or do you have to make them do everything? I found the girl watching the movie really interesting, did you make her do that? And do you randomly stumble on these photos within the game or you pose them that way?
    Pardon my many questions lol. It all just looks so awesome!! 😀


    1. You can make them do things or you can let them do whatever. I do both, I complete some of their wishes, make them bathe or whatever and let them wander around. I have no control over the sims that aren’t in my family. They basically wander around and interact with other sims including mine. A lot of people play generations of one family, not me so much. I’d made it to generation 3 (mom,dad,kids,grandparent, grandkids) then..I forgot what happened. I probably got distracted. Watch captain sauce on YouTube. He has a family he’s playing and it’s hilarious!

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      1. I definitely will! In the meantime I’ll keep looking forward to your posts! 🙂
        As a comic strip artists, I love looking at facial expressions. You sims are a gold mine 🙂
        Anyway, stay awesome and check out my blog too sometime! 🙂 It’s 2am my time so I bod you goodnight (or morning? Whatever :-D) Bye!


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