Air Guitar much? and general weirdness

07-18-15_10-03 AM

Nice air guitar moves there. Seriously, I have no idea where his guitar is located. It’s not on the floor or in his inventory. But he’s definitely jamming on something.

07-09-15_9-24 PM-2

Umm? Is she hugging Dennis or her sister? I think she’s trying to hug her sister back there.

07-09-15_9-24 PM

Even Dennis looks confused and annoyed by this weirdness.

06-15-15_11-15 PM-3

“Uh, yeah, Johnny you totally did that.”

06-15-15_11-15 PM-4

“No. Really, I did. I put this over here like this and then….” I don’t think my Sim believed him at all.


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