Zen and Hot Tubs

06-18-15_10-13 PM

“Maybe he won’t notice me if I am one with the bricks” Nope didn’t work. He noticed. And followed her into the community room.

06-18-15_10-17 PM

“If I try hard enough, I will become one with the rug.” Notice the guy there…he left rather quickly when she laid down.

07-11-15_8-39 PM

I recently got the patio pack (forgot the name of the pack) I think maybe Outdoor Patio. Anyway, I gave my sims a hot tub and now I can’t get them out. The only way to get them out is to control them but then they constantly roll wishes to woohoo in hot tub. My husband said, “isn’t that what hot tubs are for?” Ha Ha! Now for something Sims related that’s not a picture…I found out that Bing gives you points for using their search bar and that one of the rewards is a (measly) $5 Amazon card. Should be more than 5 bucks but whatever. Anyway, I managed to save up enough points for two gift cards and used them to get the above mentioned pack for free. Yay for me! I wanted to put Woohoo( instead of yay) but I can’t look at that word anymore without thinking of you know *nudge nudge wink wink*.


One thought on “Zen and Hot Tubs

  1. So funny, your husband’s comment! My sims haven’t been as attracted to the hot tub, for some reason. Glad yours are enjoying it, since you were able to save up enough points through Bing, that is super thrifty!

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